Personal Safe

Personal Safe


This section deals with the personal information protection and possible data leak prevention. Informational security is a set of measures aimed to protect information from the unauthorized access, destroying, modification, disclosure of personal data for common public.

Informational security includes measures for protecting access data to a personal account of a Trader Room. The first thing to be considered – is creating a strong password. Unfortunately, sometimes it is possible to guess a password, all the more so, because many users take their names, their relatives’ names and the dates of births as a password.

Your safety is the most important


Forex takes all of the client’s money with first-tier banks. We also cover transactions from clients, and we never get involved in any trading on our own, always using the latest technology Anti-spy to ensure the best security of the web, because the security of your money is the most important.

NB never takes money directly from clients, all clients opening his account with our liquidity provider or partner.