Neutral Broker (NB), was founded in 2012 by European investors. The company founders have a vast knowledge and experience of financial markets with many years of experience working with them. 

Neutral Broker has been at the forefront of corrective operations since its inception. From the beginning of 2012 Neutral Broker engaged in an exciting new business that introduced a brand new business model in the European financial market and the forex industry.

As true ECN, we guarantee that we are never on the other side of clients. We work with different regulated partners (other brokers and liquidity providers) around the world. That´s why we can offer trading in all markets, with different trading platforms and different conditions. You can trade with us more than 5000 Currency crosses, 50.000 Shares And CFD´s, 10.000 ETF´s and Investments Funds, Hedge Funds, Futures, Options, PAMM Funds…

We take fee´s directly from Prime Broker-Bank, we no need increase the trading cost, and you no need pay to us any additional fee. We work directly with brokers and banks as White Label and Introducing Broker like SaxoBank, CMC, JFD, BRE, EarthPort, JP Morgan, Andina, FXPro, Bankinter, XTB, and others…

Neutral Broker gives you the information you need to enter the forex market, and offers quick help via e-mail.